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P4 Presenting Finnish society-project Autumn 2013



Presenting Finnish society

English Course 4 November 2013

 This project was carried out in Kiiminki Senior High School in November 2013. The objective was to present my students as social commentators. The students were given a host of topics concerning Finnish society to work on and they were to turn in their effort in electronic form.

 The students were told their joint effort would be exhibited at school as well as published online. This piece of information apparently upped the ante as for the quality of the students’ work as I evidenced  – project deadline approaching – lively traffic on my project page. The students were obviously checking out each other’s work to be on par with their peers.

 In class the students were divided into small groups and each student was to evaluate three or four presentations. The objective with this was to make the student aware of their own role as the most important critic of their work – relying on the teacher providing assessment till the cows come home known to be a fiction – as well as familiarising the student with the criteria used in assessing compositions.

The project was a resounding success as the students clearly wanted to put their best foot forward knowing their effort would be made public. The English you find below is unedited yet showcases our students as keen social observers.

Enjoy The Voice of Young Finland!

Kiiminki November 2013

Markku Perala

Teacher of English

You can also find Presenting Finnish society here as a PDF.

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