The ABC of insulting people!

The ABC of insulting people!

The words below are basically useless for you. There’s a TABOO element to them that foreign language learners are not always aware of. As a consequence, we should avoid using them altogether. That said, some fun can nevertheless be had by practicing them with your dear partner. 😊

Take turns saying these lines to your partner LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Then change roles. Take turns saying these lines to your partner LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Then change roles.


Why do you always do that, you airhead!



You’re a fine one to talk, dork!

Megadork! Birdbrain!
Dummy! Doofus!
Meathead! Butthead!
Shut up, you deadhead! You first, numbskull!
Pinhead! Twerp!
You’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic! Your elevator doesn’t run to the top floor!
Schmuck! Pipsqueak!
Nincompoop! You clod!
Nitwit! Moron!
Dolt! Jerk!
Twit! Blockhead!
Dimwit! Dumbbell!
Imbecile! It takes one to know one! Hah!
Get off my case, you clown! Oaf!
Fool! Bonehead!
You’re not playing with a full deck! You’re not all there!
You’ve lost your marbles! You don’t know which way is up!
Jackass! Weirdo!
You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground! Dipshit!
Knucklehead! Cretin!
Nerd! You’re soft in the head!
Sucker! Yokel!
Dunce! Numbskull!
Harebrain! Klutz!
Loser! Softhead!
Plonker! Slob!
You’re slow on the uptake! You’re so fake Barbie is jealous!
Stop trying to be smart ass, you’re just an ass! Brains aren’t everything. In your case they’re nothing!
Wanker! Bastard!
Douchebag! You’re a pain in the ass!
Chicken! Creep!
Dirtbag! Freak!
Joker! Liar!
Lunatic! Pervert!
Scumbag! Son of a bitch!
Zitface! Deadbeat!
Nutter! Geek!
Prat! You’re mad!
Swine! Wacko!
Fruitcake! Tosser!
Dweeb! Wimp!
You’re not right in the head! Scatterbrain!
You’re just plain nuts! You’re off your rocker!
You have a screw loose! Psycho!
Loony! You’re gaga!
You’ve flipped your lid! You’re bananas!
You’re bonkers! You’re crazy as a loon!
I didn’t mean it when I said all those things to you! Friends? Okay. It’s water under the bridge.

Compiled by MAXX

The ABC of insulting people 2.0 as a WORD-document. Enjoy!