P2 T9 What’s on? Videos

The History of TV (Mass Media Project)

The Evolution of the Television (1930 – 2030)

The hidden effects of Television on the mind

New technology changes viewing habits

Disadvantages Of TV

How the Technology affects our children

TV Habits of Kids linked to waist size and athletic ability

Social Media and TV effects on kids

Social media impact on teens

TV is Dead: The Future of TV 

Top 10 Reality Shows 

Top 10 Televised Events

Top 10 Fox Television Shows of All Time


Top 20 Most Beautiful Kisses In Movies

Alan Watt: How Television & Sports Are Used to Control The Masses.

Mainstream Media News Exposed as Controlled TV Brainwashing Propaganda 

The Top 10- Best Televison Adverts

Top 10 best Commercials of All Time

Best Commercial EVER!!!


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