P2 T10 Virtually yours Videos

History of the Internet


Kuinkas SOME-miehelle kävikään? Katso, ettei Sinulle käy samoin.


Social Media Video 2013

What Is Social Media? Find out exactly what social media is … 

Social Media Generation (Machinima Interactive Film Festival) – Ei heikkohermoisille


The Effects of Social Media on Society and Marketing

Facebook – The Musical

Twitter – The Musical

Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+

The Impact of Twitter on Journalism

What facebook knows about you 

What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from the world.

The Terrible Truth About Facebook 

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Facebook is CIA spying machine 

You need to get off facebook!

You DON’T need to get off facebook!

The World Without Facebook

Negative Effects of Facebook

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook 

Delete Facebook

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The Facebook Song

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