Vocabulary: Location



Here are some typical English and American addresses. Which do you like — or dislike—the sound of?

Apartment 2, Marigold Mansions / The Grange, West Hill Drive / 21 Wellington Gardens / 10 Rillington Place / 365 Churchill Avenue / 18 Newtown Crescent / 33 Sunset Boulevard/ 28 Poplar Terrace/ 12 A The Promenade / 322 A Waite’s Walk / 1 The High Street / 8 Chestnut Grove / 1 Tin Pan Alley / 24 Lincoln Lane / 130 Hovis Hill / 48 Cannery Row / 21 The Arcade / 4 The Square / 8 Park Close

Read 1A – 9A and become familiar with the directions. When you can use the phrases (1A – 9A) with ease, study the vocabulary in 1B – 9B. It contains expressions of location and the names of places associated with 1A – 9A. Learn to use a few at a time. You can also listen to the text.


Well, it’s situated in central Germany – or rather, the centre of Germany. It’s almost exactly due west of Prague, mid-way between Luxembourg and East Germany. It’s about 100 miles from the Belgian and French borders. It’s roughly half an hour’s drive from Frankfurt, which is in turn an hour’s flight from Berlin.


It stands on the Rhine,just above where the Rhine meets the Main, at the southern tip of the most picturesque stretch of the river. It is set in the middle of one of the world’s finest wine-producing areas. It is built on the edge of the Taunus forests and is surrounded to the north and west by trees.


It lies on the other side of the river from the city of Mainz and stretches several miles in the direction of Koblenz. Approaching it from the north, by car or by train, I always used to travel down the west bank of the river.


The district is some distance from the city centre, in one of suburbs lying to the south and running adjacent to the Rhine. To find it from the Centre Station, you turn left out of the main gate, follow the main road up the hill, across the traffic lights, over the next crossroads and then through a long tunnel. To get to the street, it’s left at the next lights, under the railway bridge, second turning on the right then third left.


There is a short cut through the back streets but the long way round is easier. The street is one of the turnings off to the right. You can’t miss it.


The house is at the far end of the street, the third or fourth from the end on the right, just down from a little pizzeria.


It’s a five-storey building and the flat is on the second floor. It’s self-contained and has its own entrance down a little alley that runs along the side of the building.


Ignore the steps leading down to the basement and go up the first flight of stairs, through the door at the top, a few yards along the passage, then up the staircase to your right. Go through the hall. To your left is the second bedroom. The kitchen’s on your right. Then go along another passage leading off to the left. The lounge, which looks out on to the street, is the second door on the left.


On your right as you go in, behind the door, there’s an armchair; at least there was ten years ago.

That was where she was sitting when I left the room ten years ago. If she’s still there, give her my regards, will you?

You can also listen to the phrases.


it’s in the Far East / in the Middle East / in the North of Spain / in southern Portugal / above the Arctic Circle / in S.E. Asia / near the Antarctic / within the tropics / at the South Pole / on the Equator / on the same line of latitude as Peking / longitude 8 degrees East / on the other side of the Andes from Lima / 50 miles to the north of Oslo / just over the border from El Paso / approximately 40 kilometres from the coast / some 30 miles from the nearest big town / 10 miles along the coast from Valencia / 100 miles down river from Khartoum / three hours by car from Rio / a three-day journey by train from Algiers / a five-day voyage from Perth / four hours by plane from Singapore / eight hours by air / two days by ship / twenty-four hours by sea /


it lies on the coast / near the mouth of the Ganges / on the banks of the Nile / deep in the interior in the Loire valley / miles from anywhere / in the most northerly part of Sweden / the southernmost London district / the furthest point west / the south-east corner of Switzerland / on the fringe of the agricultural region / just below the industrial heartland / in the centre of a holiday resort area / on the slopes of the Himalayas / at the foot of the mountains / on the side of a hill / on a long, thin peninsula / on an island / beside a lake


a few miles from the mainland / directly opposite the port of Southampton / extends over an area of 80 square kilometres / it can be reached by road or rail coming from the highlands / drive down the motorway / travel cross-country / keep to the minor roads / go via Lyons


on the far side of town from the beach / quite a long way from the bus station / a bus journey from the town centre /  just a stone’s throw from the airport / quite a way out of town / on the outskirts of the town / in one of the outlying villages / in a very remote part of / parallel to the canal / a few miles inland


to get to it from the ferry terminal / bear right / go straight on / cross over / follow the pavement round / through a pedestrian precinct / up and down the hill / across the fields / along a country lane / take the left fork at the junction / over a railway crossing / through a little wood / leave the cathedral on your right /  follow the signs to Endgate / head for the spire in the distance


it’s about two miles as the crow flies / quite a lot further by road / half-an-hour’s walk / about forty minutes on foot / a ten-minute bus ride / quarter-of-an-hour on the underground / twenty minutes by taxi


two blocks away from the hospital / the third exit off the roundabout / a sharp turning to your left / a one-way street / a no-through road / a cul-de-sac


halfway along on the left / towards the end of the street / on a bend in the road / the last one in the street / on a corner /  opposite a florist’s / just across the road from a telephone kiosk / next to an Indian restaurant / just past a pillar box / with a bus-stop right outside


a(semi-) detached house / a terraced house / a skyscraper / a towerblock / a bungalow / a maisonette / a bed-sitter(bed-sittingroom) / a long drive leading up to the house / parking space at the front / a green front door / a side entrance / over a shop / take the lift up to the third floor / a spiral staircase leading to the attic / a revolving door / a sliding door / a few steps along the landing / through the French windows / out on to the balcony / the master bedroom / the spare room / the bathroom / the toilet / the lavatory / the WC / the loo / the larder (a food cupboard) / the livingroom / the sitting room / the dining room / it faces south / just inside on the left / to the left of the fireplace / along the wall opposite / on the right as you look at it / directly in front of you / under the window / next to the piano


*Look at the map of the world. Plan your ideal journey round the world.

*Describe the layout of your home and where the furniture is in each room.

*Explain how to get from your house to the nearest railway station.